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Autonomous site inspection and monitoring

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Request, collect, analyze and get visual data insights with a click of a button.

Autonomous Inspection & Monitoring fully automates inspection and monitoring workflows allowing you to detect risks earlier, enhance measurement accuracy, spot trends easily and gain better situational awareness.

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Enable remote operations

Minimize risk of incidents and shutdowns

Increase safety and efficiency

Reduce operational costs

Transforming the way data is collected and perceived

Visual data of your site is vital, yet collecting it and making it useful is a challenge. Leveraging our expertise in autonomous robot management and AI-powered data analysis, Percepto makes visual data collection and analysis easy with its end-to-end software solution.

  • Democratize visual data
  • Automate data collection
  • Unify visual data
  • Automate insights

Democratize visual data

Allow any user to request visual data for specific assets of interest, and receive and share insights.

  • Management
  • ┬áSecurity
  • Operations
  • Inspections
  • Compliance
  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Drone-in-a-Box
  • Ground Robot

Automate data collection

Integrate aerial, ground and sea robots for fully autonomous, safe, consistent and persistent data collection.

Unify visual data

Manage visual data collected by any device, from piloted drones to any camera, in one place.






  • Reports
  • Trends
  • Anomalies

Automate insights

Automatically receive AI-driven anomaly reports, trends, 3D models, measurements, high-resolution maps and more.

Sophisticated, yet simple

Percepto AIM is the most advanced software solution for autonomous inspection and monitoring. The solution is powered by the most cutting-edge technology, yet all you need to do to request visual data insights is press a button, similar to placing any order online.

Inspection Rounds

Modeling and Measurement



Emergency Response

Remote Operations